Saturday, January 14, 2017

An Impromptu Lesson on Letter Writing

December 2016: An Impromptu Lesson on Letter Writing

After designing our questions and starting to brainstorm about where to go next with Deb, something really cool happened. The district in which I am currently working recently passed a levy and bond issue that will allow the district to build a needed new elementary building. During this time, our curriculum director Kathi reached out to Deb to ask her ideas of what features should be part of our new elementary building to support the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. Deb, after already have connected with me, came in to ask my students what their ideas were. My students were so excited to share. Little did I know, that Kathi had actually used the pictures of my students' questions to support her presentation to the architects of the new school.

While Deb was in my classroom, the students inquired about what they could do? Deb suggested they make contact with our superintendent and curriculum director to ask questions, inquire about being involved, and share their ideas. What was planned as an afternoon lesson and activities on story structure, turned into a lesson on how to write a letter. Through planning with my students, we came up with a quick way to organize our letters. The students decided that the boys would write to our superintendent and the girls would write to our curriculum director. While our letters weren't without errors, they reflected the students honest thoughts and ideas about our budding ultimate classroom exploration and their thoughts about the new school building process. Catch a glimpse of their ideas below: