Friday, January 27, 2017

The Ultimate Library

January 2017: The Ultimate Library

On Thursday of this week, we had Carly Jalowiec from Porter Public Library come into our room to talk to us more about components of libraries and give us ideas about what the ultimate library might looks like. Libraries were an area my students identified as being very important in an ultimate classroom. I have a fairly large library in my classroom right now, and yet my students wanted it to be bigger and better. Carly spent some time talking about the key components of a library. She shared with us a handout on the Building Blocks of a Great Library. Several students took the opportunity to mark up the handout with notes about what Carly was saying and questions they had.

During this presentation, I was a little apprehensive about what questions my students would have. Would they be basic questions like what were the best books to have, or would they go further? Low and behold, my students blew me away with their questions. I was able to capture of few of them below. However, there were so many I couldn't keep up!

  • How do they know where to find things so quickly in a library?
  • Why did they remodel the library?
  • Where do they get the books they have?
  • How do you contact the community to find out what they need?
  • Are there some books that are never checked out?
  • Do you have an opinion for organizing books: bins or shelves?
  • How do you not run out of space in the library?
  • What is the library's motto?
  • How do you know what people need?
  • What do you go to if there are no workers around to help you find books?
  • How do they handle repairs?
  • Do you think it would be best to have a school library or the public library across the street?
  • What if books are ripped?
  • Do you count all of the books?
Not only did they have questions, they had ideas. I could see how much our research was making them think deeply about they were learning, and it was exciting. Exciting to see how much they were into their project. One student suggested we have a suggestion box for new books and another said we should have quotes on the wall like the public library did. Others suggested we have a place to record all the books we have, a place to share what we have read, and other places to recommend books to others. 

I find myself excitedly awaiting to hear what Pete Zagray, our technology director, has to share with us next week. I can't wait to hear the wonderful questions and ideas that come from my students' interest.