Friday, February 3, 2017

A Visit from a Technology Expert

February 3, 2017: A Visit from a Technology Expert

During class today, we had Mr. Pete Zagray, our district technology director, come in to share about technology, provide some expert advice, and answer questions. After hearing some things about what we had learned, Mr. Zagray talked about research. Right now, he is currently taking a course on research. Students got to sample some gummy bears to share what they thought the ultimate flavor of gummy bear might be. Using this interesting take on research, students got to see how it would be important to collect information on the ultimate gummy bear flavor from more than one person. The same is true for research. When doing research, you don't want to get your information from just one source. You want to use multiple sources.

I continue to be impressed with the students' questions that they have for our speakers. There questions are beginning to a deeper understanding of what we are studying and are showing that they are not just thinking about what they would want, but instead what would help others learn as well. I'll share a few I was able to write down below:

  • What is the cost of a Chromebook compared to a computer that can be used as a regular computer or a tablet?
  • What does it mean to manage the devices?
  • What do you have to do to get a Chromebook set up?
  • Should we have Chromebooks or iPads?
  • Do you think a 3D printer belongs in a classroom?
  • Should the whiteboard (interactive board) be something you can touch or just have a pen?
  • What is the best device for a classroom?
  • Will the Chromebooks we have now go to the new school or will they buy new ones?
As Mr. Zagray concluded his visit, he had all students get devices to work on building a Google Form with their questions.  During this next week, we will be working on these questions, sharing them with the class, and refining our questions into one Google Form. From there, Mr. Zagray, myself, and maybe some students will work together to craft a letter in order to ask other technology directors in the state of Ohio to share their ideas. Thus, bringing our lesson on research in a full circle. The more samples of data you have, the more accurate your research is going to be. 

All in all, it was a wonderful chance for my students to continue to learn and research and a valuable hands-on application that I will be able to connect to in the future when talking about the validity of research (not an easy undertaking with 9-and-10 year olds) in the future.