Thursday, February 2, 2017

Grant Writing with Fourth Graders

January 2017: Grant Writing with Fourth Graders

The month of January has been a busy month in our exhibition unit. Students are busy working research using books and videos, working on their own and in groups, and getting advice from our research mentors on how to think deeper about what they are learning. However, there is also a lot going on behind the scenes that someone might not realize if they pop in during our afternoon.

In addition to working on bringing in experts to share more with us, several of my students started working on writing a grant. After hearing about a grant for a product from an educational company from our secretary, I approached a few young ladies about helping me write a grant. After they talked it over and added a few friends, these girls began working during recess time and other free time in order to choose a product that they could write about. They settled on Runtz Ball Chairs. After meeting with the girls to talk about organization and to help them break things apart, they split up into groups to write about what we were doing and share the research they found about why it would help students.

At the conclusion, I couldn't have been more proud of all that these girls had accomplished. They did a phenomenal job sharing what we were doing, talking about what would benefit our classroom, and giving specific reasons why these chairs would benefit students. Regardless of the outcome, the process that these young ladies went through was a challenging task and one to be very proud of. I know I am!