Monday, February 27, 2017

What color to use...

February 2017: What color to use...

During the month of February, we have had many different special speakers to not only provide new interests, but to give students the opportunity to research in a different way. Through this whole process, I have been impressed with the growth and maturity in students questions. Our discussion and presentation on color did the same. To learn more about color, we had two guests from +Sherwin-Williams come to share about color psychology and talk about different colors can make you feel different ways. They began with the color wheel, talking about different emotions and feelings that were located within the wheel. From there, they broke down each of the major colors and talked about the emotions associated with each color. Students got a kick out of seeing whether or not there favorite color was at all like them. To wrap up, students got to see characteristics associated with different colors.

What perhaps was most exciting to my students was the color swatches they got at the end. Each student got a ring of color swatches. On the back of each card was the major emotions associated with the color. What I loved most about this presentation was the questions and actions that came from what students had learned.

  • Because we finished Maija's Hangout after this presentation, students connected with her suggestion that colors be very natural at a school. Maija shared how the colors at NIST, her school, were like the nature outside with each floor being painted to represent what was at eye level. The first floor being brown, the second green, the third aqua, and the fourth blue. 
  • Another connection students made was when speakers Mr. Goggin, our superintendent, and Mr. Blatchford, from Lesko designs, came in to speak about designing new learning spaces. During both of these presentations, the kids shared suggestions about coloring learning spaces such as to put natural colors in learning spaces and to be careful where you use the color red because it might make you hungry. 
  • Another way students connected was when we began working on our action projects. One of my students became very interested in color. While he hasn't worked out his full project, he would like some mini areas within the school covered in different color paper in order to determine which colors might be best for students to work in. I'm not sure what he will end up discovering, but I am excited to see!