Sunday, June 4, 2017

Presentation Time

May 2017: Our Presentations Take Shape

I meant to blog about the creation of our presentations earlier, but it has been such a whirlwind these last couple of weeks. When we set out to decide how our final exhibition celebration would look, we did a lot of planning. Planning a presentation of this magnitude which is lead by students takes some discussion. Several of the steps we took were:
  • Starting a class list of who we wanted to invite to our presentation. Two of the boys in my room utilized Canva to create an invitation. Two ladies worked on writing a letter to accompany the invitation cards. Finally, a group of students worked hard to address envelopes, look up addresses, and get everything ready to be mailed.
  • Planning a layout for our presentation. Ultimately, the students decided they wanted a whole class presentation and time for individual presentations on their actions. They also decided they wanted their presentation to look and feel like a TEDx. Not an easy undertaking.
  • After some voting and discussion, we decided to call our presentation the Ultimate X.
    • After a quick bubble letter contest, we voted on who would make the letters for our stage. 
As we discussed our whole class presentation, the students decided that they wanted it to be solely pictures. One of the students even suggested that we have 25 slides for the class of 2025. We spent time mapping our each step of our journey. In the end, we ended up with 25 different parts of our journey. With each student taking 1 of the parts, the students went through over 800 pictures taken during our journey in order to find the right ones to capture their part of the journey. I challenged the students to write an engaging description of their part that was between 1-2 minutes long. I was blown away with what they came up with. 

During this time, the students also worked on their individual presentations. As a class, we discussed what things would be important to include in presentations of our actions. Students decided it would be important to include a description of their action, what inspired them to do their action, what went well, what didn't go well, things they learned, the results of their action, and things they felt others could learn.

The amount of level of reflection that happened during this time was truly impressive. I loved watching the students prepare their presentations and practice them. One specific moment comes to mind from this last week. I had the kids spread out around the room with their presentations to practice. As I looked around, I saw kids presenting to others, some presenting to an imaginary audience, and others experimenting with hand gestures, appropriate pauses, rhetorical questions, engaging the audience, movement, and facial expressions. (I should pause to say part of homework last week was to watch a TEDx and come back with something that the speaker did that we should do in our own presentations. Students came up with things such as move around, look at the audience, speak clearly, pause at appropriate times, and many other ideas).

As we headed into our final presentation, the feelings of excitement and nervousness were at an all time high. We can't wait until Thursday, June 1st!